Large print, high peel force?

Hi all,

We’ve had our Form 3 for a few months with very few issues. We typically set it and forget it.
Today I was checking a large 2 day print and happened upon it when it was finishing a layer and peeling it off the base of the tank. To me it seemed like it had to use an excessive amount of force to peel the layer off. It starts slowly popping off from the wiper side, then as the build platform raises more the entire part pops off the tank base with an audible pop. I haven’t noticed this with other prints so I just want to see if this is normal.

Here’s a video of it happening:

The resin is Tough V5 (blue)
The tank is a V2 with:
Health is at 30% (good health)
10658 / 75000 layers printed
76 / 250 days used

Watch the mixer in your video. It will lift and then fall back as the tray film lets go of the print. I fairly certain the noise you hear is the mixer reseating itself on to the magnets of the IPU.

Perhaps your tank is at end of life? My first tank didn’t last as long as my 2nd tank.