Is there a safe light to use while cleaning the tank? Incandecent?

Ok, here is my super genius idea.
I am getting a sample of a green cleaner mentioned in another post.
It is from Green Power cleaner

I am going to use this chemical to clean out the tray without crazing.
The manufacturer assures me that there will be no problem with a wash.
The Acrylic will not craze.
But the caveat was this, Green Power chemical is not meant for a soaking of the tank for any length of time.
Get your cleaning done in 5 minutes.
Seems reasonable.

Ill do my own test though, drop a piece of acrylic in a cup as well as an old support base from a SLA and see what happens.

So as I clean the tank, what is the best light to work under?
I don’t want the thin layer of resin to cure as I’m washing the tray.
What lamp has the least possible chance of UV curing the resin.

My sample of the cleaner is being sent today, I’ll test it with parts next week

If you want to see the corporate web site:
#003 “RAPID RINSE” Prototype cleaner…per lb.Environmentally safe solvent to replace Tri-chlor, T. P. M.Acetone and other hazardous and flammable solvents 490 lbs@5.95/lb. 50 lbs@6.95/lb.

Tread with caution… it also states that, that cleaner will strip adhesives which may penetrate behind the PDMS layer and eat away at the adhesives holding it all together. The Acrylic side would not be the side I would worry about. This cleaner is also for Industrial SLA machines which may do things a little differently than formlabs printers, so it might ruin the tanks soft layer. Again I would use caution and if you do this do it on a tank you would not mind throwing away.

As for a light if you are planning on finishing your cleaning in under 5 minutes then you could pretty much do this in any environment as long as there is no UV bulbs around (I am talking bulbs that are specific for curing material or acting as a sun source for reptiles or fish) standard lighting does not emit that much UV radiation so if you are cleaning and done in say 10 minutes you will not see any adverse effects that would be caused by the ambient lighting.

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