Rapid-Resin Clean IPA alternative test results

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I Just used the non solvent Rapid-Resin Clean from Green Power.
I worked great on the raw flexible resin.

I will test it on the standard clear resin next week
I used a large plastic bowl and a disposable brush
I first cleaned with the part on the tray mount then putty knifed the part off the base and cleaned it thoroughly in the bowl.

Next a water rinse
The part does seem tacky to the touch like the IPA result of cleaning.
Now it should set in the sun, except it’s overcast and rainy today.

no fumes

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Did you order direct? It looks like their minimum order is 50lbs. I don’t know about you , but that would last me decades.

I am assuming I am a type of test mouse on this.
Green Power sent me three quart bottles.

I am hoping that Green Power will get with the Form 1+ guys and offer quantities that are in line with and individuals usage.

According to the sales dept. at Green Power they are just beginning an interchange with Form 1+

My advice, give Green Power a call and see how much a gallon is, again they are used to dealing in mass quantities of cleaner for industry and are looking to get into this market.
The more potential customers showing interest, the more likely the smaller quantities will be addressed.

I used the same quart of solution for 4 parts now. Straining each time and after the 4th part I let the solution set in the sun and strained it through a coffee filter.

I used the solution per the directions on the bottle including the soapy water rinse.
This product was successful on both the flexible and clear version 2 materials.

I also used this solution to successfully clean a clear V2 resin tank, that tank that had just cracked at the pour spout. (please see another of my posts on that issue)
I cleaned the tank and will try to do a bandaid fix on the tank to use as an emergency backup.

It cleaned the tanks with no damage to the silicone or crazing of the plastic.

Jonathan, you may buy quart bottles@$ 9.95/qt. or 25.95/gal.
As described by Badgerboy’s post you can strain and filter repeatedly for real economy.

Thank you,

Wow, thank you for the testimonial!!!

Once you rinse with soapy dish detergent tackiness is gone.

I do have other customers who don’t rinse, every 3D producer has different methods. ProtoCam buys in 55 gallon drums.
They also uses equipment we can provide such as Ultrasonic Tanks as well as Agitating Lift Tanks at ****

wholesale prices


Those prices are similar to 99% IPA, so it definitely seems worth a try.

And I will post a caveat.
When prototyping, there is never a reason to pigeon hole your self to one method.
There will be times when IPA will be the juice of choice.

My Dad swore by gasoline as the solvent of choice, that and Carbon Tetrachloride.
He was a Korean War vet and they used Carbon Tet to clean most everything.
pretty sure it’s a carcinogen

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