So I put my IPA tank in UV for 2 hours

Just wanted to share.
I read somewhere that if you want to clean the IPA you can just “Cure” all the resin thats diluted in it. I tried placing my 99% IPA in a cardboard wrapped in UV-LED strip for 2 hours. This is what I cleaned out. Will do a couple more runs, but I recommend it to everyone to recycle that IPA.

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Yep, that’s the technique I’ve endorsed for “cleaning” the IPA. Works great!

The IPA tanks for the Form1 fit inside my UV chamber but alas, the Form2 tanks do not. I just put 'em outside in the sun for an hour, seems to work as well.

Did you use a filter or something to separate the solidified resin?

Cheese Cloth.

That’s awesome! I will try!

Just regular old decantation (pouring slowly leaving the solids behind). You can use a paper towel for the end

Takes too long if you’re lazy like me. I put the cheese cloth (a bunch of layers, not just one layer) in to a spare tub, dump the “cured” tub in to the empty one, then lift out the cheese cloth, wring it out (not too hard) and toss the used CC in the trash.