Incompatible Resin?


I just replaced my Clear Resin to try out the Black acrylic and today I wanted to reprint an old artifact that was setup as Clear Resin and it said:

Which is surely some sort of bug or something because it implies that I have to go back in preform, find the correct STL [which could easily be deleted or overwritten], replace it, reorient it, reduplicate it, regenerate supports (if need is), rename the print [all this because I did not save the .form] and resend the file where the same object appears at two places with possibly two different names.

I know there must be something I am missing somewhere; I can’t be the first one to notice this strange bug and surely you thought about it before, but is there a reason on why the print files have to be resin-specific?

Most of the heavy lifting is done on the PreForm side rather than printer side, including resin-specific processing. Each resin (and each layer thickness too) has different process parameters. These parameters include the speed and power of the laser, the speeds and pauses of the motors, as well as several other print properties. So each job sent to the printer is only compatible with the resin and layer thickness designated within PreForm when the job is sent.

Unfortunately, in this case, you’ll need to recover that STL and send a new job over to your Form 2. While I’m sure this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, I hope it gives you some understanding into the process and rationale for what you observed.

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