Black Resin, anyone?

Has anyone had any luck printing with the black resin?  We’ve tried a variety of different models:  small, big, hollow, solid, etc. and haven’t had success to this point.  I’ve had my printer (well this is actually printer #3) for a year now, so I’ve had a lot of printing time.  The black resin seems to behave differently.  The supports are failing toward the middle/end of the print- as though the resin isn’t properly cured/solid enough to support the remaining structure going forward.  There’s a lot of what looks like partially cured resin attaching to the prints and forming flaps or “flash” on the parts.  The surface finish of the parts that do print is very rough- almost porous looking in places.  The resin has a “syrupy” consistency.  I checked the MSDS sheet and it shows the same viscosity range as the grey and clear resin.   I’ve switched trays, tried mixing repeatedly, tried different orientation, support density, etc. and I’m still not having success.   I’ll post a few pictures.  Has anyone had a similar experience?

Attached is one example.  In the front you can see a “flap” of resin attached to the object.  Model from Thingiverse:  Pentakis Dodecahedron by Glyn

Hmmm, that definitely seems strange – have you gone back to printing successfully with other colors? Black works very well – I assume you’re selecting the correct settings and using the latest version of PreForm?

We went back after two failed black prints and printed successfully in grey.  Then we went back to black and continued to have the same issues.  We are using the latest software and firmware versions, the black resin setting, etc.  The behavior is so different than what I’ve experienced with the other resins.  Could it be a bad bottle?

I wonder if FormLabs tags their bottles of resin with batch numbers? Might be a good time to start to think of doing that if not (for tracking purposes).

Not to state the obvious, but “black” is selected in PreForm correct? What happens if you take some black resin and hit it with laser pointer around 400-500 nm?

Im interested in this as I just ordered a load of Black. Having said that, my machine won’t print anything at the moment and still waiting on a response from support…

If you have an issue with black resin, definitely write us about it so we can look into the problem. If you are waiting on a response from us, we are doing our best to get to everyone as quickly as possible!

I just ordered the Black Resin and I’m having the same issues. We where looking for maximum detail on our 1/56 scale miniatures so decided to try it have yet to have a successful print with it.

We been getting these prints with the black resin , and all good except that it looks like if laser is burning those dots? any suggestions ??

It looks like something could be blocking the optical path (such as dust). Our techs have a few things you could do to test and resolve.

Send us a message with photos via our support form here:


Black resin is all I use anymore. I have had better luck with it than anything. I am using a Form 1+. Just recently started getting a lot of ragging. I cleaned all of the mirrors and its back to making good prints!