Impossible to print a cylinder

Hi all,

I am having a bit of a problem with a hollow octagonal cylinder i am trying to print. I am trying to print this using the Grey V2 resin and all my attempts have failed so far.

The part is printed at an angle and I have tried different orientations but nothing works. For the last print (which has still its support structure on the photo below), have have double strained the resin through a 125um mesh, cleaned the mirror using IPA and lint free cloths provided with the printer, and used a brand new tray. Still a fail. Also tried a solid cylinder and this didn’t work either.

Based on the photos below, would you have any ideas of why this is failing and how could better prepare my run so it doesn’t fail ??

If the fault is in the design then what could I change ? thinner/thicker walls ?

Many many thanks for any ideas you’d have !

cylinder.form (358.9 KB)

Grey V2 is probably expired, it’s been a while since that was available. also, Form1/1+ often has issues with dust, so if you haven’t cleaned the mirrors in a while then you’ll need to.

Echoing @Zachary_Brackin, your resin is most likely expired…and when they say 1 year, they mean it. I recently started printing again after a month or so hiatus. I had 3 failures in a row with white, grey and clear. All three were between 13 and 15 months old. I put in a 6 month old tough and now I’m printing again with no issues.

Thanks a lot guys !

Didn’t think this could be the cause of my problem because some parts are printing well (simpler stuff though). I’ve got some clear on the way so that will help troubleshooting.

What do you think is happening when the resin ages ? Is it a matter of viscosity/flow? or pre-reaction?
Also found that there is a little bit of suction during the peel. It seems like if something was preventing the tank to tilt until the force is too strong and the tank tilts very quickly. Could be due to the resins viscosity.

The only issue I’ve seen with old resin is separation. You really have to mix well before use. This is especially true with white but all of the resins I’ve used work better when mixed well before use.

As long as the resin is in a dark place that is dry and at normal room temperature you shouldn’t have problems for a long time.

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