Wavy surfaces and clogged bores

After few months without much problems with the Form2 some print failures started to appear and become even bigger over the last week. The surface was normal in some areas, while in other areas it become very wavy.

and some holes got clogged
while other (same print) were clean . After a week of trying to solve the problem ( using fresh resin and a new LT tank) it even got worse
The prints are hollow with a thick wall and enough supports inside (automatic generated + manual added) and were made of GreyV4 (50 microns). Same object was printed without any failures months ago using the same settings.
I’m not sure if it relates to the failures, but i recognized that there is also a thin layer / film printed under the rafts .
With the resin ClearV4 there are similar failures. A more or less vertical orientated 1.97 inch deep bore ( diameter = 0.236 inch ) got even clogged in the middle of the print.
I actually got no clue how to solve these problems and would be very grateful for any help.

Your optics are most likely getting dirty.

Best to contact support and in the meanwhile print an optics test(you can find it on the forum).

Is it correct to start the optic test with preform or do I have to start it in open mode?
Thanks a lot for the fast response.

Others here have suggested contacting support, which is definitely a good idea! That being said, I would try just swapping to a new tank first to see if that clears things up. :slight_smile:

I contacted the support now.
The Last pictures above were the results after I applied an new LT-Tank and used fresh resin.
Meanwhile I printed the optic test I found in the forum, as suggested.

If I understand it right these results fail the test.

Yes that’s a fail. If the tank is new and the resin is good, check the optic window for stains. If that seems clean, you need to clean the optics inside the machine.

Best to contact support to get the right instructions.

Why It looks good to me except this raft? Weakest part of Form 2 is resin tank if you ask me (orange one), but you used new resin and new tank, so you can eliminate that. I had problem with laser glass under the resin tank It got full of dust although I was trying to maintain it best as possible. So I cleaned glass under and everything got ok. But If still doesn’t get it right you will have to clean optics inside machine (my worst fear of Form 2). Avoid contact between IPA and resin tank if you clean it, for cleaning laser glass check THIS, and definitely contact support they will help you. And when you solve problem, and you will, please inform us what happen :slight_smile:

The four smaller pieces have numbers 1-5 up one side. Only 1 & 2 are visible on the OP’s photo.

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