I'm happy! Form1+ very first print = success!

I’m prototyping a bottle opener. It is a scale replica of a Lotus Exige gas pedal assembly. (The aluminum part is from a 3-axis CNC machine, the resin part is from the Form1+.

Very excited owner here! :slight_smile:


Very cool idea, and the outcome looks really good. I’m wondering how many bottles it will open :).
How thick did you make the part that opens the bottle? I know 1mm can make it a little fragile, so 2mm is probably a must, otherwise it might break.

P.S. I think you posted this in the wrong topic!

Ok, it is in the right topic now. :smile:

The SLA print was just for prototyping, I don’t expect that piece to be able to open a bottle :smile:

The final product will be CNC machined aluminum (as the lever shown above).

I have both types of equipment, but the SLA allows me to try things much quicker than the CNC.

Very happy for you!

I just received my Form 1+ today. Anything that you can tell me before I attempt my first print would be very appreciated. Do I need to make any laser adjustments? FedEx delivery is not known for their “gentle” handling of packages.

Did you just plug 'n play?


It is very plug n’ play. That being said, don’t do as I did and go straight to using it. Spend at LEAST an hour reading through these forums, especially the trouble shooting section. Understand the little peculiarities of the machine, and your life will be much easier.

I promise you that each hour spent BEFORE you use your machine will pay off x 10 in using it!

Excellent advice Thomas, many thanks!

Hey @Carter_West,

Congrats on the new Form 1+! I’d encourage you to read through our Help Pages before your first print (or during if you’re impatient like me). There’s tons of useful information on there that should help out with the learning curve.