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A toast to the Form 1

Here is my 2nd print, a tiny wine glass! I printed 20 of them, no supports, 0.25mm gray setting, and all of them came out great.

That’s great. Would  you mind sharing the STL file? I’m not having much luck with the .25 setting, and I’d like to do a direct comparison to see if I can get the same results.

Sure, here you go!



Very impressive, Luke. I’m one of the 96% of the world’s population who does not live in the Land of the Free, so would it be possible to give some idea of size, since I don’t have any silver dollars/dimes/nickels to hand? Ta very much.

That’s a quarter which has a diameter of 24.26 mm.

Thanks Hirudin.

Better have a wine bottle!


Just starting looking at the Form 1…so pardon if this has been addressed elsewhere …

Question: Surface finish/texture: are the glasses “raw” off the printer?  e.g. was any sanding or surface finishing done to them?  Would love to see a macro closeup of a surface straight off the printer at its highest resolution!  If someone has something posted (or that they can post) would be much appreciated…




most of the pictures you see in these forum are objects that have not been sanded (beside the support area maybe). Taking picture of the clear resin is not easy especually as you tend to see the ‘internal’ marking by transparency. I’m preparing an article with microscope pictures of the layers, hopefully for beginning of next week. For macro pictures you can have a look at this topic for ex ( where Gregg did a nice job with illumination.