How long to get to 80°C?

I feel like my form cure is fine getting to 50°-60° within 10 minutes of heating, but after that it seems like it really struggles with anything past 65°, and can take up to half an hour to heat to 80°C.

Now obviously this is simple chronology and thermodynamics. Things take longer to heat, the higher the temperature, I understand that.

How long do you usually wait for your cure to get to 80?

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A shitload of time. We set it to 78°C as we found it could oscillate between 79 and 78 for 10 to 15min before finally reaching 79-80° and starting, we decided it wasn’t worth the wait.

Other users have reported that it takes a lot of time for them too.

Same experience here… anything above 75 seems to take forever.

Do you think it’s possible for formlabs to fix this via a firmware update?

what type of heating element does the cure use?

Maybe if the max temp was at 90 or 100, you could cap it at 80? So if it’s goal temp is higher than what it’s allowed to reach, it could rocket all the way to 80?

Yeah, the heater definitely seems underpowered at only 100W. It’s basically an easy bake oven!

We’ve been setting to 77, and even then it takes well over an hour to get there, might need to reduce to 77. Seems to be getting worse, I don’t remember it taking forever to get to 80C when we first got it.

Anyone experiment with wrapping it in a towel or something to help insulate it? I might try that next.

Haven’t explicitly timed it but I’d say about 30-60 minutes.

Mine’s in a closet and it gets up to temperature a bit faster when I close the closet door.

This may sound silly but I’d bet if you put a cardboard box upside down over your Form Cure it might heat a little faster (you could even line the box with tinfoil) .