I have been using the Form Cure for a few prints now and I noticed that the display/control panel locks up and does not respond to the control Knob. I have to unplug it each time.

Also the heating does not go beyond 59 degrees and will not go up to 80 degrees after set on 80 even though the display says that it is “pre-heating to 80”

There are some display bugs that we’re working through and should have an update ready to go shortly. What’s your ambient environment like? Failing to heat beyond 59C doesn’t sound normal and if this persists, get in touch with our support team so that we can help with troubleshooting.


I realize I only need 60C but I was testing the FC to see if it would get up that high and it wouldn’t.
Ambient is a office

Unplugging does seem to reset the display. looking forward to the update.

Being unable to reach 80C in a room temperature environment isn’t normal behavior and could be a mechanical fault. It might be worth getting in touch with our support team to ensure that there isn’t anything wrong with any of the electronic components.


It may need more time to get up to 80C that I had the patience for.
Do you know know long on average it takes to reach 80C??

This is a function of ambient temperature, but ours tend to take 15-20 minutes to hit 80C in a room temperature environment.

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