Form cure first print

So I just finished using the Form Wash and then the FORM CURE for the first time.
Set the FC to 80 degrees and 60 minutes; the print came out fantastically; just two issues:

  1. except I noticed tiny white dots over the print ; not all over but over the print; the dots rub out but what is causing them to appear??

  2. Also the FC seems to lose control over the display; the display locks up.
    removing the power cord and re-insert seems to clear up the display lock.

For me there are two reasons for white spots on parts. Contaminated IPA or high humidity/water.

Your form cure is new so it probably has clean IPA so that’s probably not the issue.

If it’s humid the IPA can pull moisture from the air and cause spots. If the part is left suspended with droplets of IPA it can cause issues. Just pull the part out directly after the wash or clean it with a mild cleaner after it dries in the machine.

Ok good idea I’m doing a second print now so I can see if a post-wash cures the issues.

However, the display keeps locking up on the FC. any ideas on that one??

I would start a support ticket for anything related to the hardware/software. It helps Formlabs track issues and records the issue for your warranty.

What material were you curing? 80C seems really high, I know they recommend 60C for most materials.

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80?? just playing around. But it will not go to 80!

Well I am confused about the temperature, but that shouldn’t matter any way. In regards to #1, Fred has good advice, I always blow my parts off with compressed air before putting them in the cure chamber. In regards to #2, I hope you have contacted their support, doesn’t seem normal.

Temperature shouldn’t be the issue though