FormCure will not reach 80C temp

Why will my FormCure not reach the max temp of 80C? Has been on for 1 hour since turned on, cover/door is shut fully.
Warm up to 60C takes about 20min
Since new 60C to 80C has taken 30 to 45min

Yes, I noticed the same thing…I’ve ended up lowering the temp to 76C in order to cure my rigid resin pieces. Kind of seems underpowered in the heating department unfortunately…

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Same here. Takes ages to get up to 80°C and we’re not in a cold room (20-24°C depending on external temperature).

We have also lowered the target temp although we went for 78°C as we have found that it would take up to 20-30mins to get from 78 to 80, with a long period of time alternating between 78 and 79 on the display, so we figured the bottleneck wasn’t before 78 in our situation.

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I am experiencing the same effect as well. The last five or so degrees take forever.

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