Suggestions for an oven to cure high temp resin

I’m looking to use high temp resin - and can see from data sheets it’s a good idea to post cure it at 160C for 180 minutes.

Ironically the form cure can’t do that - (but from what I read it’s pretty limited anyway as the heating up function barely works for curing regimes that require heat. I presume it was designed before work was done by formlabs on resins that needed high curing temperatures).

So - has anyone come up with a usable curing solution ?

I’ve Been looking at table top Convection ovens (Designed for cooking food ) and these. Typically go up to 200 / 250 C which is ideal - and a reasonable cost ie £50 Uk or so. BUT all their timers only go up to an hour or so, not 3 hours.

Scouring specifications - I’ve found a very few of the “digital” halogen ovens (I’d never even heard of these before all this searching) seem to have timers that go to 3 hours.

Air fryers have timers that aren’t long enough …

Has anyone a suggestion of a cheap and cheerful oven that can achieve the temperature required - AND the time - rather than having to come up with a Frankenstein solution ?

Thanks !

Are you talking about Formlabs’ High Temp resin? The recommended temperature for v1 is 60°C, and for v2 is 80°C. The Form Cure achieves those temperatures (yes it can take a while to heat up to 80°C, but it does get there).

High temp resin has two temperature cure states. The second curing temperature is higher than the form cure can accomplish.

I’ve been thinking about this too. Most of my clients who I’ve printed HT resin with either didn’t need the second cure, or they had a lab oven themselves.

I was thinking about getting a toaster oven and basically hack it like many people do for electronics soldering reflow. If you didn’t need as much precision, I would imagine just turning the toaster oven or convection oven on at a set temp would work? I don’t think these have timers in them that automatically disable the heater…that would be silly if you’re slow roasting ribs or something.


I stand very much corrected! Thanks. Is that new with v2?
(Edit: Found this related post: High Temp V1 vs V2)

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