Dental Model Resin Curing

What type of curing machines do you use? We currently have an Accu-Cure and Hilite Power Heraeus. I know formlabs says heat plays an important role so I was wondering what options there were for dental labs. Both of our curing machines have the proper UV power (405nm) to cure but lack the heat… :sun_with_face:

Normally we use in our CureBOX 30-45min at 45°C but it’s also possible to post cure without heat around 1h. In general that’s enough with 36W light source.

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WickedEngineering CureBox CB-4051, “Standard” program (60 minutes @ 60°C with 405nm lights).

As far as I understand, the heat is supposed to cure the resin that the light can’t penetrate to. So it could have dimensional accuracy implications.

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@MerlinDepta @kristian Thank you for your help! I’ll pass this info along. :grinning:

You should check out Form Wash and Form Cure as well! Form Cure precisely controls temperature and time and we’ll be releasing profiles for each of the different resins when Form Cure begins shipping.

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Will do! It looks mighty nice! :grin:

The key words here being “when Form Cure beings shipping”. I’d happily gotten the FL unit, but for dental, you need to cure your stuff right now and not by the end of the year :slight_smile:

The other box that’s available right now (maybe) would be Meccatronicore BB Cure. It’s a bit more pricey though and when I tried to buy one, reseller told me they were in the middle of a recall and wouldn’t ship one.

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I had another question pop up, how long do you typically soak your model/dies in IPA? I know Formlabs recommends 10 minutes in each tub but recommends you change the times for smaller parts.

I do 2 x 10 minutes for dies too. I suppose they’d count as small. I haven’t noticed any ill effects from it.

After IPA baths, blow air on them until dry. I also let them sit for an additional half an hour - hour before throwing them in the curebox.

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Okay good to know! We were doing the same thing but were worried if that was what was causing the dies not to fit. Thanks!

2 x 10 minutes tends to work well regardless of part volume. It’s good practice to allow parts to dry for a short while before placing them in a cure box as @kristian mentioned. IPA will swell parts slightly and curing them immediately after washing can cause parts to weaken a bit. An hour between washing and curing typically gives IPA enough time to evaporate off of the part.

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Thanks for the info!

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