Form Cure - using as Heat Chamber

Got our Formcure,

great machine, to make even greater would be great if we could turn off the UV-Light to use Form Cure just as a Heat chamber.

We’ve printed a mold using Dental SG and casted silicone parts in it. To post cure the silicone parts we put them in Form Cure at 80°C and set the timer for 1min to prevent overcuring the Dental SG mold.

It works since it takes a lot of time till FormCure reaches 80°C. However we have to start the machine several times, nothing for lazy guys. So would be nice to see this option with a firmware update.


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Thank for the suggestion. I have recorded it and will run it by our engineering team. In the mean time, I suggest covering your mold with a piece of aluminum foil to block the light.

Many thanks, thats a pritty simple solution with alu foil :slight_smile: Looking also forward to the update