Form Cure Preheat and hold

Because it takes the curing station quite a while to warm up. It would be great if there was a pre-heat function that would warm the chamber, but not turn on the LED’s. This way we could heat the chamber before the print was finished / washed and be ready when to directly place the part in the cure as soon as it was ready. This would also allow for some heated drying of the part to evaporate the alcohol after washing.


I have the cure box from Wicked Engineering and it waits for the chamber to reach temperature before turning on the UV LEDs and starting the timer. Does the Form Labs box not do the same? I’ll usually turn the cure box on before taking the print off the printer. By the time I’ve cleaned everything up and the print is washed and dried the box is at temperature.

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Yes it does, but I wish it would hold the temperature without automatically starting the curing. That way I wouldn’t have to worry if I’m running 10-15mins behind.

This would help a lot for high temp resin as it needs to be very dry before curing. If it isnt fully dry it will crack… setting the machine to dry the parts for 2+ hrs and then cure would help a lot.

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