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PLEASE! Form Cure- Heat with no UV, TURNTABLE OFF


This seems like something that could really help a lot of people, and would probably take an intern a day to code. (I over simplify, but they are all existing things that just need on/off controls).

I have had a few long thin pieces where I have needed to put them in the box at an angle, propped against a wall, then the turntable goes on, it lodges against another part, and snaps.

Additionally, having a temperature controlled box to bend warped prints would be a super helpful feature for an aid to a resin printer to have.

I’ve asked before, and I will ask again!! PLLEEASSEEE!!! … Otherwise keep up the great work. Loving the Tough 2000 resin!


This doesn’t completely solve your problem but a couple ideas…

When I’ve had the problem of tall skinny parts tumbling I made (or modeled) a stand to hold them up. Once it was as simple as two paperclips twisted into a jig and taped to a cardboard base.

You might also be able to circumvent the turntable by jury-rigging something to lift the mesh base.


Definitely something I’ve done in the past. I just figure at the price point Formlabs operates at, we shouldn’t have to jury-rig something when there is an easy software fix. I WANT IT TO BE PRETTY!!! hehe