Form Cure- Heat without UV

I have noticed a fair bit of warping in thin parts. Mostly happens during the cure process. I’ve found success with heating the pieces in a jig to ‘reset the material memory’. However, with additional UV curing, some parts may become more brittle (esp. normal gray/white/black resin.

Can we get an option for heat without UV? Seems like it would be a simple software addition, and would provide more diversity of capabilities from the unit, and help to solve existing issues.

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I had a radial symmetry large Tough resin part warp badly, and was able to fix the critical features with an MDF clamping fixture and a couple hours in a home oven at 150’F. The part was basically a cylinder with a flat flange, and the flange turned into a potato chip, The end result was a flat flange and a somewhat oval cylinder, but it was close enough to work for the given one-shot application.

Nice! I found even just running cure at 70 was enough for most parts (thicker-walled stuff may need more if you need to actually bend it.

Additionally maybe an on/off turntable option… I’ve had long thin parts snap because they only fit in the box propped up, and then fall over and get caught in the box insides. Disabling turntable like disable UV would be super helpful and I imagine quite easy to implement.

I would also like to see this feature added if possible. I’ve also had to heat parts up in the past to minimize undesired warpage that occurred after the standard UV cure. Tagging @DKirch to send to the team interally.

Very good idea

In fact, I’d also like to see an pre baked option to cure without heat (I know you can do this custom)… Anecdotally it seems like the high heat causes distortion while curing. I don’t mind curing for a longer period of time if that means less distortion (or even at a lower temp). I would just want to make sure the full mech properties are reached.

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Hello, a good new year to you all. I have stopped using the UV cure option for now. Cleaning in IPA then leaving to evaporate for an hour. Then putting all parts on a windowsill above a radiator for 24 hours, parts still attached to supports. Seems a lot less distortion and the parts less brittle that cured by UV light. Mind you I am using a cheap UV cabinet.

That only works if you don’t care about reaching the max mechanical properties of a resin, not really viable for engineering resins.

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Thanks LeonHart88 understand, how long would you put a 2mm x 80mm x 10mm bar under UV light for? 5 minutes, 15 minutes? Thank you for your help
All the best Chris

At least on our cure the UV with no heat option is available, but not heat without UV.

Yeah - I just meant it would be nice if they characterized how long you would have to cure without heat (or at lower heat) to reach the maximum mechanical properties.