Warping of parts in Form Cure

I’ve always noticed the chance of parts warping in the Form Cure. It’s sometimes geometry dependant but also heavily dependent on whether you remove or leave supports on during cure.

Durable resin, for example, when supports are removed always has a high tendency to warp. Some geometries even with supports still on and a full raft, have a chance of warping. This can usually be fixed with increased supports. I’ve also heard that inadequate drying times out of IPA can lead to warping, but I always at least blow parts dry with compressed air, if not leave the parts dry for hours or overnight.

Does anyone have data on whether drying times actually plays a big role here or is this all anecdotal? Is blasting with compressed air enough?

Also, I presume using less heat would reduce warping. Does anyone know how much more UV exposure is necessary at reduced heat values to cure the parts appropriately (ie. To meet the same mechanical properties Formlabs specs)?

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