Hi everyone. I have problems with deformation. Can we stop the deformation in time, even if we have “baked” the part of UV lamps?
This “effect” occurs with most materials, even with tough material.
Someone please tell me something.

Thin walled parts can be a bit more prone to warping and there are a few things we can try to mitigate this in your parts.

Making sure that parts aren’t washed for too long can be important as IPA will weaken the part and make it a bit softer with over-exposure.

Orientation plays a big roll in warping and making sure that parts are oriented at an angle is one of the more helpful fixes we can try. That said, you did a great job with orientation on these and I wouldn’t expect that to be the issue here.

Post-curing parts with support structures still attached can also help out. Most of warping occurs when the part is being cured whether that be in the sun or in a cure chamber and after a part is fully post-cured, it won’t warp any further.

Many thanks for the useful information.
I have to experiment, the parts are “bake” together with the supports, and then removed from the part.

i also have this Problem very often.

You can try to heat the parts by 80°C, align them and let cool down