Heated cure box (maybe a crazy) idea

I’m getting ready to order a Form2 and looking for what to use for post curing. I’ve seen the many DIY ideas and the few commercial options. I will not be using this for production work, just my model building hobby.

I came up with the idea of using a food dehydrator for the base. It has a thermostat the covers the range of temps for the different resins. The sides are clear so I could use the LED tape on the outside to keep from the LED’s degrade as fast due to heat exposure.

Any thoughts from people who have built DIY units?



I use the jar method with LED a 3 meter strip It works well because the LEDs are dense and cover the side wall from top to bottom. The diameter of this is larger so you might need two strips to go from top to bottom. I am not sure if the heater is really needed. The jar gets warm, guessing it is 80F in there. I am not scientific about my curing. I print during the day when I am at work and cure during the night when I am a sleep. When I wake up the parts are dry, hard, and tack free.

I was going by the white papers that listed recommended post cure for standard resin is 405NM at 60ºC for 60 minutes. I would like to get the most out of my printer and resins.

Buy a sterilizer for towels(cosmetics industry). This has heat + UV light.

Do you have a link to such a product?

I guess I am not printing models that require a lot of curing. After I remove the layer of uncured resin from the models surface, it cures relatively fast.

Vigorously shaking the model in the first IPA bath before placing in the second does not work for my models.

Instead, I use a slanted small paintbrush to wipe the surfaces of the model clean; dipping in the brush in the IPA baths to coat the brush.

Once that surface resin is removed the model cures fast in a Sterilizer having a 405mn UV bulb,