Curing Flexible Resin - temperature, light or both needed?

Does anyone have experience curing flexible resin without a Form Cure or similar device?

I have read the documentation about curing flexible resin and it only talks about heating it to 60C for a certain time. My curing chamber only does light (it gets warm, but not 60C). My one attempt crumbled in my hands.

Does it only needed to be heated or does it need to heated and exposed to light at the same time?

I am wondering if I could use some alternative method to heat it to 60C - say a water bath. Has anyone tried this?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Done it in the past. Put the print in a glass container filled with water and put it in the sun or in your curing chamber. No heat needed, but with heat it goes faster and better.

Thanks for the suggestion. I spoke a bit to support and it sounds like they don’t have data on alternative methods. They recommend simultaneously heating it to 60C and exposing it to 405nm light for 15 minutes. Doing otherwise might work, but is not something they have tested and might not give the desired properties of the material.

A UV nailstudio + glass container filled with water used to be the standard before there was any formwash or formcure available, so I’m surprised they don’t know about alternatives…

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