Solar curing

Just got our Form2 and while waiting for our nail curing device to arrive i thought I’d give the old solar cure a try. Any suggestions as to how long I should leave it there. It’s black resin. I’ve read so much about curing on this forum that I can’t wait to have some cured prints. We have 3 other prints waiting for the nail salon but I couldn’t wait.

I recommend curing in water for maybe 5 minutes then take it out and cure it for 30 minutes. Sunlight is pretty powerful

Sunlight is wicked powerful!

Heat is also important for proper curing. The right temperature is somewhat dependent on the resin type. I shoot for about 45ºC in my home-made UV curing box. So if you aren’t already, use hot water and you’ll probably improve the completeness of the final cure (meaning deep curing for full strength vs. just surface curing).

But be careful with your choice of plastic bag. Some plastics absorb UV.