Do You Post Cure With Heat?

From what I can tell from Formlabs documentation, there is a recommendation to post cure parts with heat. With Tough it’s suggested 40 degrees C. I’m trying to find out if anyone actually uses heat or just the UV post cure. If heat is used, how do you work that into the mix… do you have a set up where the heat is somehow generated in the UV light chamber? Having trouble finding any detailed info on introducing heat into the mix. Is it not really necessary? Is the UV lighting more important?
Need a little help here… any suggestions, insights would be helpful… Thanks very much.

One thing I did realize… that blowing off the parts with an air hose soon as they come out of the IPA rinse really helps to reduce the tackiness.

If you want to get rid of the tackiness you can cure the part in water for a few minutes and that will make the outside cured.

For me, the temperature isn’t a huge issue, the UV lights I’m using produce some heat so that’s probably enough.

Thanks for suggestion. Would you mind sharing what you use for UV lights? I’m finding i’d like to build something a bit more robust than the nail salon approach.

I’m using the nail salon, it works just fine