Anyone interested in curing chamber for fast post curing kit?

The more I print with Form1 the more it seems to be nice to have a post curing chamber. Usually the part requires some time to dry IPA and post-cure before that, I can scratch or even destroy it with not much force.

I’ve been googling for a week or so but today I found some posts on the forum for UV lamp curing with sterilizer(which uses shorter wavelength-with divided results) or nail curing devices(cheap, nice with hot air but small). And on this post ( Bryan had a very similar idea with mine having timer and turntable to evenly cure and prevent overcuring.

I’m thinking to build a post curing chamber(which many industrial SLA manufacturing process includes) with 405nm leds with turntable, fan and temperature controlled heater with timer. I assume most of the people on personal 3d printing industry are tech savvy to build their own curing chamber with functions stated above, but rather than collecting all the parts and making your own laser cut drawings for casing, it’d be much easier to have it from single source.

My questions are as below;

  1. Do you feel the need for post curing chamber which could finish the part in less than 30 minutes rather than letting it sunbathe for hours?

  2. Are you interested in purchasing a kit that does question no.1 for around $100?

I’m probably build it anyway since I need it some parts are already purchased, and maybe/probably open up under CC or similar license in return for what I have taken from the open source community.

And I apologize for not making it clear if I have, I tend to wander around when I explain something .

I’ve looked at some of the options posted on the forums but the shipping on some of the items is too expensive. One poster suggested trying a UV light that is used for reptile enclosures. I picked up a 26 watt compact fluorescent bulb over the weekend and it’s worked great. You can use a regular clamp light from the hardware store to reflect the light. The bulb itself was $26.00 but don’t get a version that puts out a lot of heat. I used the light on a print that was 1" thick and about 3" high. I had printed it Friday night, cleaned it and left it to dry and cure with regular room light. 10 hours later it was still tacky. I set the Lizard Light over top of the print and the tackiness disappeared in about 30 minutes. After a couple of hours I had cured all the sides and the nooks and crannies. If you want something simple I would try heading to the pet supply store first. Good luck.