Easy UV Cure Box for under $30


I made a quick video with Formlabs Engineer Caitlin Reyda on how to make an easy UV cure box. Hope this gives you some ideas!

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Budget UV Cure Box (Jar?)
UV Cure Chamber Design - Dimensions and Pics
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Meet Form Wash and Form Cure: Professional Post-Processing for Cleaner, Stronger Parts

Many thanks. Could you please post the part list.


Sure thing!

Supply List:

Pro Tip:

  • If your box is too small, thin parts could warp if they are too close to the UV bulbs.


Many thanks. The links to amazon are not working.



Oops! Copy and pasted wrong…they should be working now.



super useful! thank you guys for sharing this. cute video.


We’re excited to update this thread and announce Form Wash and Form Cure, new automated systems for powerful post-curing. Form Wash and Cure complete the SLA engine by providing streamlined post-processing solutions with consistent, high-quality results.

Parts can be directly transferred from the printer to Form Wash or removed from the build platform and placed in a basket. Set Form Wash for the desired amount of time, and your parts will descend into the IPA. An impeller agitates the IPA for thorough part cleaning and after the time is up, the basket will automatically raise and allow your parts to dry.

Form Cure is a robust and reliable post-curing solution that maximizes the material properties of your SLA parts. It combines the power of 405nm LEDs with precise temperature control to take the guesswork out of post-curing your printed parts.


This is awesome!
Not only do you guys mention that you can make one of these for $30 but you link to your very own video tutorial.
You guys rock!


The listed UV nail dryer is no longer available from Amazon. Here’s an alternative that appears similar: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NPW16QW?th=1


A smaller version of the UV Cure Box can be built using a #10 can. (I’m not sure what the international version of this would be. It’s a cylinder 6 inches in diameter and 7 inches tall.) Line the inside of the can with aluminum foil. The Rotating mini Display Stand fits in the bottom of the can, and the light can rest on the top of the can…