How does the resin sensor work?

Does anyone know how the resin sensor work?

I’ve had some successes printing with 3rd party resins. There are some resins which I use and can print with open mode turned off. With another resin, I have to turn open mode on. I’ve had problems in open mode with the prints coming out bad and the silicon layer getting screwed up.

Any idea what the resin sensor is measuring to determine if you have the correct resin in?

You’re asking two different questions here. How the level sensor works and how the cartridge detection works from the sounds of it. Level sensor is capacitive and the cartridge is via chip.

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I mean how does it detect what type of resin is in the tray?

Is it optically, through something else like conductivity?

It doesn’t read what’s in the tray. It writes to the chip on the tray what it’s been used for. It has no other way of knowing what is in the tank.

Are you sure? I know that it will Mark my tray as say “tough” if the last used cartridge with the tray was “tough.”

But if then I put another resin in the tray I will get a “resin sensor error” when I try to print.

This prevents me from using a 3rd party resin without open mode. Example. Use a tray with a tough cartridge, the tray now says tough when I insert in the machine. I switch the resin inside of the cartridge. So it sees a tough cartridge and a tough tank. However, once the tank fills with the 3rd party resin, I will get the sensor error right before the print starts.

It appears you’re mixing up lots of different things. Resin sensing error is usually fixed with firmware update so long as it’s not a faulty sensor.

The tanks are tagged as the last resin used, but it will ask if you want to override if you use it with another resin type. You can swap it back and forth so long as you clean the tank each time.

Contact support for your resin sensing error.

You can’t just load it all as tough and then pour 3rd party resin in. There’s more to it than that. The auto fill timing is based on resin viscosity and density so it will not be accurate.

Alright. Maybe it was a coincidence, the tray was working with tough in it, than when I switched to 3rd party resin, I got the resin sensor error.

What is the sensor under the silicon layer?

There is no sensor under the PDMS. Also, did you try to print in closed mode while pouring 3rd party resin in the same tank that still had tough in it?

OK. I assumed the resin sensor error meant the tank was detecting a different resin, I always seems to get the error when putting a 3rd party resin, without open mode.

I thought this was a sensor under the PDMS to detect the resin type.

And this is the sensor to detect the resin level in the tank.