Not sensing resin

I have an empty clear resin jug and I filled with another prototype clear resin. But, the machine is having a sensing error, and is not filling the tray.

What exactly is being sensed? Any work arounds?

The resin height sensor (located at the bottom of the tower behind the tank) measures capacitance between various electrodes on the board and the grounded chassis of the printer. From these measurements we can infer the height of resin in the tank.

When you use a third-party resin, we do not know the dielectric constant, and therefore the readings might trigger some of our safety checks (which ensure we are acting on a valid reading).

If you want to use this resin, I recommend Open Mode

As @Dmegret mentioned, the workaround for a prototype resin would be to use the Open Mode feature. This allows you to manually fill the tray with the resin.

Please be aware that re-filling the previously emptied resin cartridge also risks problems dispensing, as the cartridge (e.g. valve) is not tested to reliably dispense multiple liters of resin.

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