How can we get a refund or succesful help?

We bought a form 2 about 3 months ago and we have experimented all kind of problems, there is more failed jobs than succesful jobs so we are tired to write support everyday with a different issue also our customers are tired. we really need to know how to get a definitely solution or get our money back. i saw all the forums and there are like 80% of the topics are about troubles, issues and errors. if someone found a succesful solution to ERROR 41, CRACKED COVER, BAD DENTAL RESIN, BROKEN TANK please let me know, i will apreciate the help.

Hi Juan, I am very sorry you are having trouble with your printer. I cannot help you with your troubles with Formlabs customer support, they will have to address those issues. But let’s see how this awesome community can help you.

It’s true that most of the posts here on the forums are people with problems…after all it is the very nature of an online forum which supports a product or products (and the very nature of a support phone number, etc). People tend to speak up when something is wrong. Think about it…how many times have you called HP to tell them the laptop you bough is working just fine, or when is the last time you called up GE and sent them pictures of your clothing coming out of your washing machine with a big thanks? :wink:

All of that aside, this forum is mostly a group of working professionals, many of them enjoy helping others like yourself when an issue arises. Sooo…how can we help you?

Can you go into more detail about the issues you have been having? Post pictures of your results, post screenshots of your models in Preform?


Regarding the Error 41 specifically…a general consensus is that the printer is having trouble with a galvanometers. If that is indeed the case and your printer is under warranty you might need to send it back to be fixed and calibrated.

Reference this thread [here](Error 41…

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Thanks a lot for your comment, all you said its true. May be we are a little frustrated with this issues and we want to fix them without sendind the machine back because is too far and we heve to keep printing our projects, but i am afraid thats the only one solution.

If you give us the rundown of what support had you do to troubleshoot the issues, pics of the results, we can toss in our own opinion. Based on your last post, has support determined the printer needs to take a trip for repair?

I think in your list of troubles, the error 41 is the most concerning as if there is a problem with the galvo’s there isn’t much you can do to repair the machine as a cover, resin, vat all can be replaced and shipped to you.

Do you have the same print problems with any of the standard resins? Just curious.

@kevinduhe … I should send Mitsubishi a pic of me watching something on my 20+ year old tv… They’ll probably think I’m nuts…

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Hi, i had problems with dental resin, the ´pieces came broken from the printer. The other resins works well except when the Error 41 appears.

@DavidRosenfeld Well that IS nuts. Is it one of those big screen, rear projection models that were popular in the 90s? For some reason this image came to mind when reading your comment. But alas wrong media format.

@juanhenao We still need a bit more info to go on. To echo what myself and David said, we will need pics and/or screenshots of your failures. We need to know how you oriented and supported your parts and what the results were. Simply telling us “they came broken from the printer” unfortunately does not tell us much. I’m sure you are doing you best to avoid sending it back for repairs…but it might be your only option.

There are many dentists here on the forums to (@yoderkl comes to mind immediately) who love to hack these machines to get the most out of them. If your issue is anything dental specific I’m sure they would be happy to give some guidance.

There are plenty of people waiting to help you…we just need more info!


@kevinduhe It is one of those huge rear projector TV’s. The image could be modified with a huge black box over the speaker.

@juanhenao, how did the pieces come off the printer broken?


Which dental resin are you referring to? Dental SG? What types of things are you trying to print, just surgical guides? If you could post some pictures of what your models look like in PreForm and what they looked like broken from the printer, that would be very helpful. I sincerely hope we can help you!

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Please also make sure that your printer is securely on a very stable platform. Also, is your room temperature around a constant 70 degrees F? What is your humidity?
The majority of us are very happy with our FL printers … frustrated: certainly, but with the community, we can learn how to master their idiosyncrasies. Some resins are similar, where others are more unique, and will magnify underlying weaknesses in your setup.


Hi, yes Dental SG, we had problems because the models didnt adhere to the platform, also we printed some teeth and them came out of the machine with irregular forms and the worst issue we had was that one day we found hard pieces in the bottom of the tank.

We used to have the printer over a desk where the sunlight could get it, now we have it in a lab without windows and controled temperature, but we still have problems. may be our printer have a factory problem so we are trying to formalabs support team can help us.


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