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Refurb Form 2 Not Printing on the Side of the Print Surface and Error 41

Hey Y’all,

Just purchased a Refurb Form 2 from Formlabs and I was super excited to get it home and start the printing process.

I had my first print finish and 2 of the 4 Keycaps were cut in half, not really thinking about it, I put the two keycaps that printed correctly into the IPA bath and threw the other two out. I then started another job that was 12 hours long, and went to work.

When I came home, the printing was going great and I had about 5 hours left in the print. When I checked on the print process again, the printing had stopped and I was greeted with everyone’s favorite error code…Error Code 41.

When I pulled the print bed off of the mount, I found this.

To answer a few questions, Yes my printer has the most up to date firmware available, I am using the Clear Resin from FormLabs and printing at 25 Microns. The print bed was cleaned between the two prints, and the Files in Preform passed all of the Structure/Support Checks.

How do I solve this, what are my next steps, and is this normal for a Form 2 with only 2 prints on it? I had so much hope for this machine and I was super excited to get to printing, but this is honestly so disappointing.

Also would like to add that I can no longer print with this machine, every-time I go to start a new print job I am again greeted with the lovely Error Code 41.

That is not normal, Error Code 41 occurs in conjunction with the galvos losing contact with the mainboard. There is a service procedure that describes the reseating of the galvo cables.
But as your machine comes new/refurbished from Fromlabs it is probably the better option to contact support.

Hey Marshall,

Thank you for responding, I have already set up a ticket with support and following their steps now. Have you ever seen a Form 2 print like that where there is a perfect square of unprinted resin?

Thank you Again,

It looks like the laser path is blocked by something in that area. Did you get your printer fixed in the meantime?