Holes in the grow? Any ideas on why? NOT in the 3D model

Any ideas for HOLES in the middle of solid resin? And as always HORRIBLE details on the underside of the prints. I stopped this one because I had a sculpt of a head with 2 horns…one horn had fallen and not stuck to the supports. Was stuck to the bottom of the resin tray. Thanks for any suggestions. Bad resin? Old?

If you’ve had print failures, have you filtered the resin to get rid of the debris? Checked the bottom of the tank to make sure there’s nothing stuck to it?

How are you orienting these parts on the build platform? From the picture, I’m guessing horizontal to the build plate. That will maximize the distortion you get on the back side. For something like this, I’d stand it on end (the square peg pointing down at the build plate. It shouldn’t need as many supports if oriented that way, and you can place them in areas along the centerline (instead of touching the “face”) of the part where any distortion will be less noticeable. The downside of course being it’ll be a lot more layers and a much longer print time. But the results should improve quite a bit.