Holes and distorted

We’ve been having issues with our printer and the support wasn’t able to help us. We’ve probably done 8 prints and none of them were printing correctly. We got the printer beginning of March and did a test print where it turned out perfect! However, now that we actually need to print for our business, it is not printing how we expect it to be. There’s holes on the the sides and also the prints come out distorted and chipped. What might be the problem that we’ve been making?

It would be helpfull if you show the supports. What is the dimension of the piece we are looking at. Did you change any of the default settings? This looks like the standard grey resin correct?

Judging by the top pic, it looks like your file isn’t water tight and it is printing just the surfaces with nothing inside, is that right? What do your cross sections look like in PreForm when you run up the slider bar?

Try to look at your model in meshmixer, use the “inspector” to close holes and “make solid” - try then again to print.
either that or your tank is extremely cloudy

Check the glass of the printer underneath the tray to see if it has dust on it. Also, if you haven’t printed for a while then the resin needs to be mixed very well, the resin can start to settle after a day and if you haven’t printed for even longer than that then it will take like 5 minutes of stirring the resin (use the scraper)

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