Holes in the walls

Anyone have any ideas what can cause this? Using ALW grey at .050 setting.


limpia bien tu resina

No cleaning the resin didn’t help. I haven’t tried the same building again, I have been busy trying to print some arrays of smaller identical objects. The problem is position dependent, objects near the center of the build plate or along the edge next to the wiper fare worse that the ones in other places.

Can you zoom in this area?


Problem seems to be getting worse, I think this resin is possibly expired, even though I bought it only a month ago.

por si acaso, limpia lo tipico, espejo, crital, galvos, pero yo desconfio de la resina

It’s lacking support, it looks like you’re printing the part horizontally to the build platform and you need to tilt it a bit, also could use some more supports along the bottom.
If you print horizontally then any horizontal details could have problems because they don’t build up from lower layers like they would if the part were tilted.

There is a 3 degree offset from horizontal on both the x & y.
So if preform says the support is adequate, you shouldn’t believe it?

You’ll need more than 3 degrees, around 45 degrees is more ideal, but increasing it at all should help.

The software cannot give you a full evaluation of how well the print is supported, it can give a general guess but it’s something more you need to learn with experience on how to orient the parts and place supports. Sometimes that might mean splitting it up into more pieces so you can orient them better and place the supports in better locations

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I agree with Zachary - you need to tilt the object to 30-50 degrees, at the moment big areas are parallel to the tank surface and hence the film separating forces are bigger.

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I’ll just add here, we even recommend 30-45 degrees in 2 axis, so if you had a cube, you’d be printing off of one corner.

Not to say any advice given here has been incorrect, just adding additional context. :slight_smile:

You might even try reprinting in a different section of the tray. There might be some debris and/or minor scratch on the tray and/or glass cover that could be causing only that section to fail.

Thanks for all your suggestions, but it seems to me this is simply not going to work. If I tilt the building more than a few degrees I will have to put support points on the exterior surfaces like the siding which will be impossible to sand off without destroying the surface detail. I was able to print the same building 1/2 the current size with little or no tilt and it, but that was back in the days when black V3 was available.


any chance you can split the part in half using the corners of the walls and the roof lines to hide the seams? then you could rotate both halves and keep the supports internal.