Holes in the walls


Anyone have any ideas what can cause this? Using ALW grey at .050 setting.


Grey Modelling Resin

limpia bien tu resina


No cleaning the resin didn’t help. I haven’t tried the same building again, I have been busy trying to print some arrays of smaller identical objects. The problem is position dependent, objects near the center of the build plate or along the edge next to the wiper fare worse that the ones in other places.


Can you zoom in this area?




Problem seems to be getting worse, I think this resin is possibly expired, even though I bought it only a month ago.


por si acaso, limpia lo tipico, espejo, crital, galvos, pero yo desconfio de la resina


It’s lacking support, it looks like you’re printing the part horizontally to the build platform and you need to tilt it a bit, also could use some more supports along the bottom.
If you print horizontally then any horizontal details could have problems because they don’t build up from lower layers like they would if the part were tilted.


There is a 3 degree offset from horizontal on both the x & y.
So if preform says the support is adequate, you shouldn’t believe it?