Big Hole on my finished product!

Dose anyone have any solution about this problem?
I am use the Castable Resin to print but when it’s finish …just miss a big part…

Maggie, I would first check your resin tank to make sure there is no clouding on the silicone. This type of failure is sometimes caused when a model is under supported.

If you send us a ticket with the file, we can suggest a solution for you.


Got it! THX!

I might have misinterpreted your message. But it seems you’ve printed in grey instead of castable material?

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yes, I use Grey resin

I cannot judge from the photo, but i see a part with the walls without supports that might have let go during peeling causing this. I would reprint putting supports issued that little tube-like hole on the side.

So, just to be sure, you used grey settings instead of castable settings? Otherwise I wouldn’t know why you mention castable resin.

Regarding the supports, I agree with Francesco. Seems the inside of the torn wall could use some more supports. The inside also seems flakey, so ensure that your mirrors are clean and your resin tank doesn’t have obvious ghost marks.

In my experience, it wouldn’t have any problem with the area that didn’t print, like it wouldn’t need any supports there because there’s already enough there to keep it going.

And even on the rest of the print you could probably use less supports more spaced out.

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