High Temperature resin shrinkage


Is there anyone using high temperature resin out there and have a shrinkage problem like me?
My HTR print are smaller than my clear resin print, same files.
Not quite sure did it shrink during curing.

We’re trying to print some precision parts but the sizes are a little off.

Thanks guys!


We have same issues. The problem in my opinion is gravity. The prints get “longer” in vertical dimension - when the print lasts several hours. We just simply make them wider 0,5 - 1mm before the print. But this technique is faaar away form being precise.

Ours literally deformed on the edge closer to the platform.
I’m taking picture of each stage e.g. after print, after wash, after cure see which stage caused the deform.
But still not too sure how the over all shrinkage.
Has opened a ticket for that.

I just printed quite a few parts…and all were too small. I even allowed a .05 tolerance on my design. This is a big (and expensive) FAIL I’m seeing between .5 to 1% shrinkage on the parts.

My Prints comes out small straight from the printer and shrink further more after cure. Mine has gone down to 2-2.5% smaller…

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