High temp V2 small hole problems and strange "drip" on flats

I have been attempting to print small holes to hold the leads for diodes. I’m doing test prints to see how much I need to oversize the holes, but can’t seem to get a good print with the V2 high temp. I also get a strange drip looking section on the flats of what should be a flat cube. The drip is not actually a drip since I can’t wipe it off or clean it off (prior to wash and cure stations) it seems to be cured that way in the machine.
I got a test print from Formlabs that had the holes go all the way through the part and the part looks very nice. This was before the V2 came out so I’m assuming it was printed in V1. I can’t seem to get consistent parts out of the V2 resin though.
Yes I moved to an unused part of the resin tank.
Yes I mixed the resin and shook the bottle.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

looks like optical issues.

your tank is burnt, or your optical window is smudged or has dust on it or your galvo mirrors need cleaning.

So I put the prints in an unused section of the tank (using heatmap on the dashboard). It’s a new tank. It’s a brand new machine. My prints with the tough resin are fine.

-Have you ever used high temp V2 resin?
-So sighting those issues you think I should contact support?

If there’s a problem with the teeny tiny galvo mirrors, it affects the whole build area, and won’t be helped by printing on a different part of the tank. I’ve printed in both HTv1 and HTv2, but I haven’t specifically printed small channels in them yet.

Shouldn’t I see this problem with the tough resin as well? Maybe due to the higher laser power required for the high temp resin this problem is coming up with that resin but not with the tough?


If your prints with the tough resin are fine, then that points more towards problems on the inside or the outside of the window of your High Temp resin tank. Tough and High Temp probably have slightly different tolerances for small holes, and it may be harder to clean out small holes in post processing High Temp V2 (more viscous resin), but that wouldn’t explain the ‘drips’, and an optical path problem would. If you’ve printed other parts with HTv2, do you see extra ‘drips’ on them too?

It’s also possible that there’s something wrong with your laser spot that manifests in bad prints in HTv2 but not in Tough. Have you tried contacting Support? Their optics test print would almost certainly help diagnose this.

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