Hibernation mode on Form1?

  1. Does the Form1 with latest firmware have a hibernation mode?

I’ve noticed that if I leave my Form in the “ready to print” state for an extended amount of time the display disappears until I hit the Form push button. Initially, I thought it was a power issue, but then checked the plug and all was good (I’m in a lab environment, so things *can* get unplugged or breakers flip, etc). I’m guessing this is an intended power save mode, which I might have glanced over somewhere in the documentation …

  1. If technically possible with existing firmware and setup, I think it would be useful to periodically flash or fade (i.e. breathe) the push button illumination ring to let the operator now it’s still on and powered … but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal at all once encountered.

I’ve had other (non inexpensive) devices which failed to power completely in a similar manner with a “dead display”, so it’s a bit of a concern when it happens initially. Just thought FL would like to know from the perspective of an operator. Documenting it (better?) would be great. Again, I didn’t find it on an initial search. Might be buried someplace?


Hi Scott,

it is indeed a feature, the Form1 announces the sleep mode for a minute, but of course that’s easy to miss. Thank you for the feedback.