HELP! Form1+ Print doesn’t stick on the platform

form1+ print doesn’t stick on the platform
please help!

Lower the print bed on “File>Printers…>Fine tuning”

Are you using a Z-Vat glass tank or a very old FL Form 1 vat? I am guessing a Z-Vat. Have you gotten good prints from it in the past?

Troubleshooting Step #1: switch to a new, authentic FormLabs resin tank and see if that works.

When using 3rd party components or resins you’re mostly on your own. I would not expect FL to offer any help or advice other than “go back to using FL approved supplies and if you still have a problem, let us know”.

So is there something wrong with your printer or is the problem with the resin or is the problem with the resin tank? You have to eliminate variables until you’ve either identified the culprit or eliminated the obvious possibilities.

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