Heat is on in open mode?

I was under the impression the heater and wiper were disabled when using open mode, however, after printing with some Photcentric3D in open mode, I noticed the resin tank seemed warm. So I checked the settings on the machine itself, and the temperature was over 30 degrees C. I am currently printing in open mode and here is a screen shot of my temp reading:

Shouldn’t this be closer to room temp? I live in Washington state so there is no way that is the ambient temp where I am at. I’m not complaining, I’m just curious? Anyone else notice this?


The resin gets hot when it solidifies, and this heat does accumulate during a print and raises the overall resin temperature over time. Even in Regular mode, my print starts at 31 degrees and finishes at 35-37 because of the heat generated during the print…


Makes sense… all that curing is releasing heat into the rest of the resin. Thank you for your help!