Resin Tank Heating in Open Mode

I understand why the wiper, the resin dispensing, and the sensory systems that recognize the resin cartridge and resin tank are all disabled, but what is the reasoning behind the disabling of the heater in Open Mode?


To prevent low boiling-point components from evaporating out of the resin

low boiling-point components. Whaaat!

Correct me if I am wrong, It is my understanding that resins can withstand temperatures of over 300F.
I use lizard light for curing my models and measured the temperature of over 220F, that is hot to the touch.
Have not seen any of my models evaporate.

CraigBroadyFormlabs are you saying that the heating unit reaches temperature of over 300F?

Let me clarify a bit:

  1. Cured resins won’t risk evaporating any components out.
  2. Uncured formlabs resins won’t evaporate any components at the heater set point (with safety factor).

Check out the materials technical data sheets (bottom of page) for more info about temperatures + resin.

Hi Craig,
What is the function of those components? I regularly heat my resin to 110F in my F1+ while I’m printing. What temperature does the F2 heat the resin to? I see no issues with print quality degrading over time with the same resin in the tank over many prints over many days - or even weeks. Indeed, not only does it print great - i have not had any failures that were not my fault since I started heating the resin. On top of that, the tank pdms does not cloud at all when printing at or near that temperature. I have not noticed that the material properties of any of the cured parts gets weird or different either.

What precisely is the concern here? A thickening of the resin if it’s heated for long periods of time? Odor? Toxic and deadly vapors?

Are you using Formlabs resin at 110F?

Form 2 temperatures are here

Yes. Vorex as well.

For a lot of resins, heating them up improves performance as you’ve observed. 110ºF for our resins on a Form 1+ sounds reasonable in light of Form 2 temperatures.

Most resins I’ve seen tend to thin with temperature, rather than thicken. General concern here is that heating of resins without careful testing could be a potential danger to the machine (or to a person) due to off-gassing.

I would also request a way to set a temperature for printing with a third-party resin. For example, if the third-party resin has been tested by the manufacturer to perform better at 104°F, then a setting when using Open Mode would be helpful.

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Following features would be nice

Ability to enable heater and to set a temperature
Ability to enable the wiper and set a swipe speed
Ability to specify laser "power" parametrically (vs. having to choose a FL Resin "equivalent")
Ability to save these settings as a preset that can be recalled later