Open mode with heat and wiper

Currently, my Form 2 keeps reporting a “Resin Sensor Error”. I’ve tried inserting the tank a little counter clockwise and have also tried reseating the grounding screws and still end up with the error message. So i’ve been printing with my Form 2 in open mode using FormLabs resin.

There’s been talks of FormLabs considering a firmware update to allow us to enable or disable the heat and the wiper but those posts were over a year ago. It sucks that they didn’t build the sensors properly, why should i only be able to use half of the functionality of my Form 2 due to their mistake?

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I for one would love that. I’d be ok agreeing to a disclaimer to enable that mode.

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I also need open mode with heat and wiper. How hard could this be to implement?

It’s not hard at all, obviously :wink: Official word is that Formlabs doesn’t want users to destroy their machines, because 3rd parts resins may have vastly different viscosity / behaviour when heated and an eventual resin spill due to the wiper pushing resin off the tank could be very damaging.

Now we all agree I think that this should be for the user to decide whether to take that risk or not, but that’s not Formlabs opinion.