Very hot plate under resin tank after printing has finished in Open mode and printer in sleep mode?

Due to a resin sensor error I had to print in open mode which turned out ok. Though a few hours later I took the tank out to inspect the sensor and bearing in mind the printer was in sleep mode, the frame the tank sits on was very hot!

Just before that, in my failed attempts to print due to resin sensor error (abort…print…abort etc.) I noticed with the last print attempt the heater going above 31 degrees and not stopping to which I aborted the print and then enabled and printed in open mode. It seems the plate continued to heat up during printing in open mode and remained hot all this time even after two hours printing in open mode and another 4 hours of the printer being in sleep mode.

I turned it off by the mains now and it seems to be cooling down. Though I am worried it may have melted something inside under the window. Not sure if it was like this before? Does it look like that on anyone else printer?

for me, normal printing temperature is 35-40ºC

This is very normal behaviour. As soon as you upload a print it will start heating and it will keep the tank hot after printing for 30 mins.

What you mark in the picture is foam to seal the laser optics. It’s not assembled very nicely, I have the same.

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Ok great, thanks for clearing that up guys :slight_smile: I thought my heat sensor was broke or something.

There was an earlier post on this here :slight_smile:

Certain actions will trigger the printer to pre-heat and this sounds like normal behavior in your case.

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