Healthcare Demo Session Discussion Thread

Hey Everyone! Thanks for joining our Healthcare Demo Session with Kyle! IF we didn’t get to any of the questions that you want to get answered during the session, please feel free to leave them here and we’ll get to them ASAP!

Can you dye the durable resin prints?

What is the ratio of alcohol-soluble dye to IPA?

I have a question regarding the fit of the pieces of the same model meeting at flat surfaces. When we first purchased the Form 3, we were printing two halves of a medical model, where the surfaces that met together were fairly large and flat. We experienced warping during the print that caused the part to have a noticeable uneven seam. After doing quite a bit of troubleshooting with support, we heard back from the engineering team that they believed it was an issue with the settings of the Form 3. Have you experienced this issue with any of your models? If so, are there any methods you would recommend to minimize the visibility of the seam between two parts of a medical model?