Early 3L machines and biomed resin

Does anyone know if early 3Ls were also allowed to print in biomed resin like the early form 3s were?

I’ve always found this to be kind of dumb because it’s really just a sanitary/clean environment kind of thing that I think is keeping the “medical” grade ones apart such as using stainless steel for the build plate.

I think it has more to do with PreForm and Formlabs potentially blocking it for liability and money reasons, but maybe there is an option to do it on some earlier models.

Hi @leonhart88,

Thank you for getting in touch! Early 3Ls do not support biocompatible printing, unlike early model Form 3s. The distinction is that the Form 3 launched before the Form 3B, so there was a period of time where early model Form 3s were enabled to print with biocompatible resins.

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Got it, thanks @Jesse_K

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