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Hard error and sd card error on form 1+

Hi everybody
Just received a Form 1+ and I wonder if I can bring him back to life.

Any thoughts?
Thank you in advance,

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Yeah, I pressed and insert another clean sd card after “fat” format but nothing changed
And sd card was kind of stuck in a place and when I pulled it out with little force I mention that there was a little amount of melted plastic from sd card on sd connector and on mother boards connector too
when I plug in power that screen immediately pops up
restart comes back to that screen
But when I put machine in DFU MODE my PC recognize it but after update its comeback to that screen

Cant print because preform didn’t see a printer. Its visible only in DFU mode but after update its invisible and I have screen with hard error.
inside is ok was a little wet near SD card wiped it. But any games with sd cards and I have few doesnt work. I think I must solve a "HARD ERROR’ before “SD card error”
anyway thank you for your help

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windows. Why?

its working now, the problem was a sd card holder. low pressure as a result bad connection between sd card and reader.
thank you

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