Grey V4. Please take this product off the shelf


The problem I had was when the thin wall connects directly to the support points like this:


My failure rate for these prints was close to 100%


I just printed 2 whole liters of grey V4- producing about 140 parts and every one was perfect.
Several of the parts were large scale- as big as would fit in the volume- and were positive and negative mold parts that had to fit to within about 3 thousandths of an inch.
They fit perfectly.

moreover- I used minirafts which i absolutely LOVE because they do Not stick to the platform as severely as the regular rafts. And I have to say that the contact points which prior versions of preform created in such a way that breaking off the supports often left a crater in the part- now are breaking off just slightly proud of the part… so I have the ability to trim them truly flush.
( I suspect the drawing shown above of the curious geometry of the support connections, where there is a narrow spot just off the surface of the part is an intentional modification of the support geometry as it results in being able to just snap the supports off and have them break at that narrow spot )

All in all- I find Grey V 4 to work just fine. And the newer version of preform to result in a much easier time getting the supports off the part without marring the part. And the minirafts to save time and resin.



Where do you live?
It’s probably a long shot, but maybe Grey v4 doesn’t travel well. I’ve seen people mention ruined resin that got caught in freezing temperatures due to weather trapping delivery vehicles. I live in the UK, and if it’s getting too cold somewhere en route maybe that’s affecting it.


I’m in Canada and I’ve encountered frozen resin problems before (this was with black resin caught for days in a massive blizzard). Formlabs was no help at all, when I asked them what symptoms I could expect if resin was frozen, they didn’t know. But the reseller gave me a refund when I complained.
The grey V4 was shipped in July from a reseller in Toronto, so there is no chance it froze going from there to my location. I have no way to know when it was shipped to the reseller.
Now I order my 3rd party resin directly from Texas, I stock up for a full year in the summer.


Which 3rd party resin? I’ve tried AppliedLabWorks resins but that stuff SMELLS and doesn’t seem to cure as hard, even with post curing under UV.

Your picture shows something I have not experienced and I have printed parts that have a similar characteristic of a thin wall and a support on several sides/angles to hold it.


I am in San Diego- and I ordered from a company in chicago.

all I know is that I have never had a problem with grey.


Digital Forge is what I use. Works great, $79 per litre and does not smell as bad as ALW.


Just got a liter from them to test out. From the onset, the smell isn’t anywhere near as offensive.


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