Grey resin will not dispense!

I am unable to get my grey resin to dispense. The cap is open. The info screen says it is filling, but I
only get a drip or two. I have rebooted. I have shaken the resin. I have removed the cartridge tried to manually
press the side of the rubber nozzle and I get the same results as the machine –
just a drop or two. Any ideas why this
might be happening?

Try unscrewing the cap and checking the white pad inside the cap. The center of the white pad should have a hole cut out. It should be at least 1/4" in diameter.

I had a similar problem, only a few drops would dispense on one of my early resin cartridges. The hole was only about 1/8" dia. If you folder it in half you can cut a pretty round hole with a pair of scissors. After enlarging the hole put the pad back into the cap and screw it back on the cartridge. Hopefully this does the trick.

Picture: Left newer cap, Right early cap after increasing the hole size.

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