Cartridge dispense error window

Just inserted a new resin tray and am trying Durable for the first time. The resin tray filled to what looked like the
appropriate amount (up to the line on the tray)… and then this warning came up (see attached image)… I hit continue
and the 2nd warning came up. I went back to previous screen and hit “try again”… and more resin was dispensed.
The resin level in the tank went slightly above the fill line and then it started printing. What might cause this error window to pop up?

Did you check the vent cap? Also, check the rubber piece on the bottom of the cartridge it might be closed and the machine is having difficulty dispensing resin,

This is a bit strange considering you did have some resin dispense. If no resin were to dispense, it might make sense that either the cap was closed or the bite valve was sealed. You might take out the tank and inspect the bite valve to ensure that it’s not partially sealed and having trouble dispensing. Generally it just needs to be pinched a bit to ensure that it’s opening properly. After re-inserting the cartridge, if you continue to see this error get in touch with our support team so we can help to troubleshoot further.

Thanks, both… for the replies and help. I just ran another print, same resin tank, using the Durable resin… no issues. The vent cap is open, the cartridge seems to be dispensing, as it should. Not sure why that window occurred. Maybe just some abnormal occurrence due to starting a new cartridge and new resin tank. But all seems good now.

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